Boat FAQ’s



How fast does it go?

    It goes fast.


How far out does it go?

    It goes far enough to lose it if you’re not careful.


Is that a boat?

    No, that’s not it at’s a boat.


Where did you get that?

    We made it...yup MADE it. I know what you’re thinking but people make things still.


Can I drive that in a lake?

    Yes, but please tell us why. We find that boring.


Do you make them in the United States?

    We certainly do. We manufacture them in Oceanside, CA.


Can I have one?

    You can BUY one yes. Please visit our webstore.


Is this good for kids?

    That depends entirely on you and your kids. Honestly please supervise children if you choose to buy this for them.


What if it breaks?

    We encourage boat owners to please put our boat through it’s paces. If you break it, please send us a video (if you have it) and if it is a badass wreck we will sell you replacement parts at our cost. If it was our fault and you can prove it we will replace it.


Are you hiring?

     Not yet. Please come and hang out though. E-mail me for directions. Bring food. Also beer.


Is it safe to run around swimmers?

     No. Do not run the Bangarang 30 around swimmers or anything that has a heartbeat.


Who designed it?

     We did.


Are you seeking investors?

     Maaaaaaaybe. Please e-mail us.